Compassionate Attorneys In A Welcoming Environment

Life Changes in a split second. Where will you turn? You have problems that require resolution. You wonder if there is anyone who can help.

It is time to surround yourself with the right people. It is time to contact Gloria Jean Evins or Chadwick J. Hayes. It is time for you to pay a visit to our law office. A place where we provide a comfortable, relaxed and welcoming environment. Our office is located in a renovated house built in 1934.

That means that we literally spend time with you in our home. Or sitting on the porch. Or relaxing by our garden and pond.

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At Your Side When All Seems Lost

Trying times in the fourm of job loss and financial problems often magnify conflicts betwwen a husband and a wife. We understand the value of family. We believe our job is to minister to your needs—providing legal counsel and personal attention as you deal with sensitive family issues. It is important for you to be informed and to understand the process and the law related to your specific situation. You need an attorney you trust and an attorney you believe will FIGHT FOR YOU.

You do not have to go through trying times alone.

We focus on family law to find solutions. Solutions to secure the best possible results. We take the time necessary to identify the unique issues surrounding property division, child support and parenting times, and customize strategies toward resolution. The last thing you need is an attorney who creates problems and makes a bad situation worse.

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You Need A Listening Ear. Contact Us Today!

For more information on our attorneys and how they can help you, contact Gloria Jean Evins at 615-444-1199 or Chadwick J. Hayes at 615-444-2420. You can also reach our attorneys through our online intake form or by fax at 615-444-1174.

We have helped clients from all walks of life steer their way through the often confusing issues of family law.

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Legal Practice Areas:

Child Custody & Visitation

Providing for the best interests of children is the primary concern for the court. Children are dramatically impacted for the rest of their lives by decisions which are made in a divorce. As a parent, you must put your wants and wishes aside and put the best interest of your children first. You need an attorney who will help you in this process.


There are no guarantees in this life. We do not know what tomorrow may bring, but we tend to avoid thinking about death or even disability. It is imperative that we prepare for the possibility of disability and the inevitability of death. Taking proactive steps to gain control of your life is vital to your peace of mind and those of your family members. If you do not have the documents, take immediate steps to take control of what happens to you and your property.


A trial is not the only option to resolve your divorce and the issues related to the end of your marriage. Mediation allows you to reach a voluntary resolution through negotiation, not litigation. The mediator facilitates the process and does not render verdicts or impose a solution.


Whether you have decided to file for divorce or need to respond to a divorce action, many questions arise. Do I want a divorce? What will happen if I decide to file for a divorce? How is custody determined? How much child support will I get or have to pay? Who gets the house? How are other assets divided? Who pays the debt? What is the law regarding divorce issues? How long will it take? What will it cost? Are you asking any of these questions: Questions about custody, support and property/debt division that need answers from a knowledgeable and informed lawyer.

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