Promoting Honesty, Civility And Open Communications To Resolve Your Divorce

MediationA trial is not the only option to resolve your divorce and the issues related to the end of your marriage. Mediation allows you to reach a voluntary resolution through negotiation, not litigation. The mediator facilitates the process and does not render verdicts or impose a solution.

You Have Control

Perhaps the greatest advantage of mediation is that you are in control of the terms of the resolution. That is not to say that you will get everything you want. However, you are more likely to be satisfied with a resolution you helped develop than with a decision by the Judge after protracted litigation and expense.

You Save Time And Money

Mediation is more cost effective than prolonged litigation. Successful mediation eliminates the expense of preparation and trial of the matter. Resolving the issues in mediation saves time. Mediation can be scheduled as soon as the parties are ready; whereas, scheduling a full hearing often requires an extended delay.

Sometimes months may pass before time becomes available on the court's busy docket. The agreement which is crafted through mediation is reduced to writing and signed by the parties before they leave and if the required waiting period has expired, the agreement can be filed the very next day.

Confidentiality When You Need It Most

Everything discussed within a mediation room stays in a mediation room. Information is not shared, nor are offers to settle during mediation deemed admissible in court.

Explore The Numerous Benefits Of Mediation

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