DivorceWhether you have decided to file for divorce or need to respond to a divorce action, many questions arise. Do I want a divorce? What will happen if I decide to file for a divorce? How is custody determined? How much child support will I get or have to pay? Who gets the house? How are other assets divided? Who pays the debt? What is the law regarding divorce issues? How long will it take? What will it cost? Are you asking any of these questions? Questions about custody, support and property/debt division that need answers from a knowledgeable and informed lawyer.

Sympathetic And Empathetic Attorneys Committed To Your Case

We pride ourselves on our openness and candor with our clients during their initial consultations. We ask the questions necessary to get the information we need. Conversely, we also answer our clients' questions in an effort to put them at ease. We explain the process from start to finish. Then we explain the law as it applies to the issues of your case. We educate them on the law and its application to property division, child custody and spousal support/alimony. It is always a good idea to write down your questions before your consultation. This will ensure that you get answers to all your questions.

Gloria Jean Evins combines her experience and skills with empathy. As a wife and mother, who went through a difficult divorce herself, she has endured what you may be experiencing right now.

The Nature Of Divorce: Uncontested Vs. Contested

An uncontested divorce, legally termed "Irreconcilable Differences Divorce" means that both parties are in agreement regarding all issues. Typically, these include: the children, child support, spousal support, insurance, division of debt, division of real property (your house and land) and division of personal property (furniture and other household items, bank accounts, jewelry, livestock, equipment, business interests, mutual funds, retirement accounts, etc.)means that all parties on agreement regarding:

Reaching an agreement on your own saves time, money, energy and stress. We will take the time to go over the documents and prepare them for your signature. Please note any agreement involving debt does not trump a creditor.

As in a contested divorce actions, we spend time with you to identify the specifics of your case and where any agreement may exist. Whether we are in our office or on our porch or in the courtroom, we will take the time necessary to prepare you for this next, all-important new chapter of life. From the filing of the complaint through the discovery process all the way through trial if necessary, we remain dedicated and loyal.

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The Need To Be Proactive In Contested And Uncontested Divorce Cases

Whether you are filing for divorce or suspect that your spouse is about to file, take immediate action and call Gloria Jean Evins at 615-444-1199 or Chadwick J. Hayes at 615-444-2420. You can also reach our attorneys through our online intake form.